Online Marketing

Your website should always be prominent and it is important to gain an online reputation to promote your services. Prenticechallis has its own marketing team who will assist you in promoting your site. We can create a marketing strategy via the mediums of paid search, email marketing, online branding and PR, affiliate marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

From the very beginning when we create your web site, we will build into it techniques to help ensure your pages are as ranked as highly as possible in search engines before any of the other more advanced methods are used. We will create a clear hierarchy that separates the website copy (text) and navigation links from presentational markup. We will ensure that your pages all contain correct page titles, meta tags and alternate text for images and that all HTML pages are valid.

If you like we can assist in other SEO techniques such as re-writing the copy of a site to deliver results and traffic. We can also help you find an affiliate marketing program as an increase in the number of links to your site will also push it further up the page rankings.

We can also create banner advertisments and help you if you wish to pay for online marketing via paid search results as this is a good method to help advertise your site if your company is just starting out or re-branding.

Most importantly prenticechallis Design can help you with email marketing so that your existing customers can be kept up to date with the latest happenings or product releases. Existing customers are the most important for any business.